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26th June 2018

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  • Superhero Party Games

    Author: Sarah Paige | Date: 11th June 2017


    Welcome to SJ Parties blog about Ideas for Superhero Party Games 

    Musical Dynomite

    This game is a bit like musical bumps. When the music is playing get the children to dance on their bottoms. When the music stops the children have to shoot up onto their feet while shouting bang. The first child to stand up is the winner and so on and so forth.

    Superhero Treasure Hunt

    Cut out and laminate different pictures of superheros (batman, superman, iron-man, spiderman etc.) You will need enough pictures for all children so may have to triple up on your superheros. Place the cut out pictures around the room and get the children to go on a treasure hunt to find the pictures. Get each child to only bring you one and then if there is any left over you can play the music again while the rest are found. 

    Spidey-Sense Obstacle Race

    All superheros must have a super power and the best way to find out someone's super power is through an obstacle course. Set out different obstacles around the room and get the children to race each other through the course. Course can include a parachute to climb under, hula hoops to jump through, cones to go round, a puzzle to solve etc.

    Pass the Kryptonite

    This is a variation on Pass the Parcel. Wrap the parcel in green wrapping paper and you can pretend it is Kryptonite

    Musical Shields

    Cut out and laminate different superhero shields. I usually triple up on the shields and have about six different superheros making a total of 18 shields.

    To play this game place the shields on the floor. When the music plays the children must dance around the shields on the floor. When the music stops the children choose one of the shield to stand on. The children can share shield. If the children are standing on the shield you choose they are the winner. 

    Catch the Villain

    This game is an interactive pinata. This game requires someone to be named a villain. The idea of the game is to tag the villain. If the villain is tagged he must throw sweets. 

    Don't Laugh

    In tricky situations Superheros must learn not to laugh. Get children to sit in a circle. Nominate one child to be in the middle of the circle. It is their job to make someone in the circle laugh (by pulling funny faces, jokes etc) If the person they try to make laugh, do laugh then they swap with that person and they become the person in the middle.

    Balloon Burst

    Like the Hulk, most superheros are strong. Inside the balloon is a sweet and a task. Burst the balloon, complete the task and gain the sweet. Get every child to have a turn.


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